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Antje Duvekot

ANTJE news...

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{td colspan=3D"2">3D"Antje{/td}
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{h1 class=3D"mime">ANTJE news=2E=2E=2E{/h1}

3D"Antje(antje and austin nevins at ARTBEAT, photo: cindy howes)

hi everyone, it's me=2E=2E=2E=2E

i've just come up with a new format for my mailer=2E

while my career news in the past has consisted of

mainly how my car is holding up and my personal

evaluations of interstate rest stops, i think i may

have detected an actual career to report on to you

guys=2E   obviously this is a very messy transition=2E

SO i decided to divide my newsletters into 2 sections

from now on=2E  the self-trumpeteering section will be

coming from my MANAGER=2E  there you'll find facts=2E  the

personalized section will be coming from me=2E  there

you'll find insight into my state-of-mind=2E  then you

can put the facts and my state of mind together and

predict it's monthly outcome=2E


-Antje is getting airplay all over the nation, and a handful of stations internationally, (including a station in Jerusalem that is playing her song "Jerusalem")=2E In the last month WXPN, WFUV, WUMB/ Mountain Stage all have invited Antje to play/ or she has played their various festivals, member concerts and interviews on the air (btw=2E Antje is #1 WERS, #1 WUMB)

-Fox TV's  "Morning Show" will air a piece on Antje as part of their Newport Folk Festival Spotlight airing Thursday, August 3rd=2E

-The Boston Globe has picked Antje as it's Feature Act for their Newport Folk Festival preview story=2E look for it in Friday, August 4th's paper=2E=2E=2E=2E(www=2Eboston=2Ecom )

-Dave Marsh, one of the top music journalists in the country is going to do a 2-3 hour special interview with Antje on his Sirius Radio show in September

-The senior writer for the All Music Guide, Thom Jurek plans to do a feature artist spotlight on her for the All Music Guide (the web's #1 most visited site for music)!


holy crap!  holy crap!  i am playing the newport folk

festival in just four days=2E i cant sleep anymore at

night=2E  this is the historical place where little unknown

joni mitchell and little unknown joan baez and little bob

dylan all made their mark - ok actually i dont think

the adjective 'little' works with 'dylan' under any

circumstance =2E=2Enever mind=2E  but i sure feel little in

a REALLY REALLY good way=2E  like when you were young,

did you ever sit at the campfire with the older kids

and they were smoking and talking about sex and you

just sat there in the darkness glowing with excitement

to be part of their mysterious world of things you

didnt understand=2E=2E=2E=2E  sometimes i think those are the

most magical times in life=2E=2E=2E  the preview of growth

that comes with dreams=2E=2E=2E  the stepping stones in the

direction of the things that fill you with wonder=2E=2E=2E  

in other news, my car door was virtually ripped off by

a big truck recently (i know most of you just want to

hear about my car anyway)=2E  i was parked=2E  the truck

=2E=2Every much not=2E   i still love ellis paul=2E=2E=2E   i'm writing again=2E=2E=2E

i wrote a new song in the spirit of woody guthrie that i may

sing at newport=2E  it rages against the capitalist machine and

this afternoon woody's spirit is doing a good job at guilting

me about the fact that i am appearing on the capitalist

machine's major network of FOX news tomorrow=2E   i told

woody that i really need to get my car door fixed and that

publicity is tempting when you're broke, then we got to

flirting=2E=2E=2Eand he forgot all about it   :)  

hope you're all safe and well=2E

i'd like to send out special wishes to a few of my friends who are having health issues=2E  thinking of you=2E


PS:  check out dandelion video on www=2Emyspace=2Ecom/antjeduvekot

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{h1 class=3D"mime">EVENTS:{/h1}

{h1 class=3D"mime">August 2006{/h1}
{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D118" class=3D"mime">Thursday, August 3rd 8:30 pm

writer's hang

hoboken nj

{a href=3D"http://www=2Escottemoore=2Ecom">website

Call 201-420-7989 for more details

THE WRITER'S HANG modern singer-songwriters you need to hear

The acclaimed intimate performance series in the retro living room of

The Goldhawk Lounge=2E

join host & musician:

Scott E=2E Moore

and jennifer glass



{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D146" class=3D"mime">Thursday, August 3rd 8AM

Fox Morning News - TV Show

Antje will be on the Fox Morning News- TV Show performing and speaking about her upcoming appearance at this weekend's Newport Folk Festival

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D98" class=3D"mime">Friday, August 4th 8 pm

Bull Run Restaurant

shirley MA

{a href=3D"http://www=2Ebullrunrestaurant=2Ecom">website

Call 978-425-4311 for more details

opening for ellis paul

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D111" class=3D"mime">Sunday, August 6th

Newport Folk Festival

Newport RI

{a href=3D"http://www=2Efestivalproductions=2Enet">website

waterside stage in the round: Kerry Grombacher, Martyn Joseph, Bob Franke & Antje Duvekot

also on the festival bill: Indigo girls, rosanne cash, david gray, odetta, grace potter and many more

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D112" class=3D"mime">Saturday, August 12th 7:30 PM

WXPN presents Antje Duvekot

The Tin Angel

Philadelphia Pa=2E

{a href=3D"http://www=2Etinangel=2Ecom">website

Call 215-928-0978 for more details

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D124" class=3D"mime">Saturday, August 19th 11:30 am

philadelphia folk festival

schwenksville PA

{a href=3D"http://www=2Efolkfest=2Eorg">website

workshop with jody hughes and alex depue

also on the festival bill:  jackson brown, jimmy lafave, eliza gylkison, rodney crowell, arrogant worms, the roches, more

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D130" class=3D"mime">Sunday, August 20th 12:00pm

WUMB Radio Broadcast of Member concert

{a href=3D"http://www=2Ewumb=2Eorg">website

hear Antje sing her songs interspersed with interview questions and hosted by marylin ray beyer=2E   recorded in front of a live WUMB member audience=2E   august 20th at noon! (91=2E9 fm boston or streamed at www=2Ewumb=2Eorg)

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D134" class=3D"mime">Friday, August 25th 10 pm

newsong festival

shepherdstown WV

{a href=3D"http://www=2Enewsongfestival=2Ecom/festival/schedule=2Ehtm">website

10 pm show together with the Dreamsicles and KJ Denhert

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D135" class=3D"mime">Sunday, August 27th 3:50pm

newsong festival

shepherdstown WV

{a href=3D"http://www=2Enewsongfestival=2Ecom/festival/schedule=2Ehtm">website

solo showcase

also on he festival bill:  devon sproule, meg hutchinson, daniel lee, kj denhert, diana jones, many more

{h1 class=3D"mime">September 2006{/h1}
{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D144" class=3D"mime">Sunday, September 10th 11 am -noon

sirius radio interview with Dave Marsh

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D119" class=3D"mime">Saturday, September 16th 8 pm

The Center for the Arts in Natick, Ma=2E

natick MA

{a href=3D"http://www=2Enatickarts=2Eorg">website

Call 508-647-0097 for more details

opening for ellis paul (www=2Eellispaul=2Ecom)

{h1 class=3D"mime">October 2006{/h1}
{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D78" class=3D"mime">Friday, October 13th 9:30 pm

canal street tavern

dayton OH

Call www=2Ecanalstreettavern=2Ecom, 937-461-9343 for more details

opening for Ellis Paul

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D79" class=3D"mime">Saturday, October 14th 8 pm

the Ark

Ann Arbor MI

Call www=2Etheark=2Eorg for more details

opening for Ellis Paul

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eslab500=2Ecom/antje/index=2Ephp?page=3Dcalendar&display=3D143" class=3D"mime">Sunday, October 15th 6:00 PM


Chicago Il=2E

{a href=3D"http://www=2Eschubas=2Ecom">website

opening up for Ellis Paul (www=2EEllisPaul=2Ecom)

Antje's first trip to Chicago!

(this is a 21+ show)

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