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Antje Duvekot

folk show's aren't spooky...

hi folks,  greetings from washington d.c.  my boyfriend has never been to our nation's capital so we've come to do some sightseeing.  we saw the original constitution!   sooo cool!  we learned that apparently 25% of jefferson's constitution was edited out when those guys drafted it and jefferson was pissed.  he called it a 'mutilation' of his document. so we've been wondering what those 25% were.  there should never be paid lobbyists? perhaps?  still.  it was very amazing to see this mythological hand-scrawled parchment first hand. it was so frail and reminded me that an incidental group of humans just CAME UP with this thing. and now it IS. but it became what it is by virtue of the moment and the minds.  just out of some heads onto some paper.  so much more random than we would like to believe.

WHICH - reminds me of my uhupcoming album which we just finished recording!  richard shindell produced and played and sang on it. as did john gorka, mark erelli, duke levine, lucy kaplansky. i had these songs. we went into the studio and now it exists.  it should be available in another month. i'll let you know.  definitely before christmas.  it doesnt have three branches and a bill of rights but it came out reaaal pretty!

lastly, i wanted to alert you to a very cool show i am playing with richard shindell and glen phillips (of toad the wet sprocket) in long branch new jersey on nov.1st.  i have been looking forward to this triple bill for months and the time has almost come. hope you can make it.

there are a lot of great shows coming up including the iron horse on halloween with glenn phillips. I am really excited to be taking off to the uk for 2 weeks nov 6th -21st, this will be my second tour there, alert all your friends across the pond! this is the "winning back our allies with folk music" tour

check out the website for all the details

xoxo, antje