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Antje Duvekot

the near demise of the punch-drunk tightrope dancer'

hello people,

once again, i'm here to tell you what's going on!

NAMELY: i'm playing a show tomorrow at the berklee college of music's cafe 939.  woohoo!  (for... other world news go to or something). this venue is supposed to be great and WERS my heros-in-indie-radio are hosting it (Thanks WERS!).  a FURTHER news item (you heard it here first!):  i am doing a tour with peter mulvey in september by BIKE....  for the pursuit of ecology (and  finer butt muscles)...  30-60 mile rides between gigs. a bit nervous because in the two weeks leading up to this, my cochlea will be receiving the most training. september brings me back to oak ridge, tn grove theatre...what a great time the last performance! look forward to getting back!      yes! i'm heading into the studio for the next record. richard shindell is producing.  we're recording at signature sounds. richard has self-produced his last beautiful album 'south of delia'.  i will be his first ever outside production gig which has worked well for me in the past since my first record 'big dream boulevard' was also produced by a first time producer, seamus egan. in both cases, i have gone on the

pure belief in these producers' musicality and sense of beauty.  many of you are probably already familiar with richard's gorgeous music.  i'm happy with the songs and excited.  the record should be out by christmas.  it will be called 'the near demise of the punch-drunk tightrope dancer'.  that's all the news that's fit to print.

all my best to you,