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Antje Duvekot

Somerville Theatre Next Week! Touring with Richard Shindell and a special Holiday Project!

Hello from Antje HQ,

We are bustling here while Antje bustles on the road with Richard Shindell for the next week starting tonight in Ashland, VA, NYC tomorrow and Saturday leading up to Norwalk, CT and the BIG show...with a band at the Somerville Theatre on Saturday, November 14th!! Tickets are selling really well so you best buy them in advance!  This is a Co-Bill which means Antje and Richard will both be on stage a lot. There will be some sublime harmonies ringing from the stage that's for sure! Purchase Tickets for Somerville Theatre Show This is going to be a superb night of music.

Antje is teaming up with beautiful and talented Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, and Natalia Zuckerman for a special holiday project called "Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged" They have recorded a CD of some traditional songs and some new ones written by each of them. They will also be touring!  You can check out all the info at Winterblooms Myspace page Order the CD and buy your tickets!

Have great weekend everyone! As always thanks for your support of Antje's music!