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Antje Duvekot

  1. Tuning for 'Anna'

    Does anyone know the tuning for Anna? The fingered positions too would be a help but at the moment I can't find where to start from. It doesn't seem like open E or DADGAD or open G so just a steer towards a solution would be much appreciated.
    John Gaskell, Cambridge, UK
    Almost forgot...I'm having difficulty with a couple of lyrics too....
    And Anna
    Try to assess herself again, a man picks up her hand and says: 'Anna, look!
    The spring has come!'
    That 'Try to assess' is obviously wrong.
    And in the last verse 'Tell your beaux/boats not to let go' Beaux or boats?

    posted: 12 years ago by johngl

    1. Re: Tuning for 'Anna'

      posted: 11 years ago by Zac  Crook

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      posted: 12 years ago by Allen