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Antje Duvekot

  1. Tuning for 'Anna'

    Does anyone know the tuning for Anna? The fingered positions too would be a help but at the moment I can't find where to start from. It doesn't seem like open E or DADGAD or open G so just a steer towards a solution would be much appreciated.
    John Gaskell, Cambridge, UK
    Almost forgot...I'm having difficulty with a couple of lyrics too....
    And Anna
    Try to assess herself again, a man picks up her hand and says: 'Anna, look!
    The spring has come!'
    That 'Try to assess' is obviously wrong.
    And in the last verse 'Tell your beaux/boats not to let go' Beaux or boats?

    posted: 10 years ago by johngl

    1. Re: Tuning for 'Anna'

      posted: 8 years ago by Zac  Crook

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    2. Re: Tuning for 'Anna'

      posted: 9 years ago by Allen


      Hi John,

      I'm not sure about the tuning, but I've linked to the lyrics from a fansite below.  It's "introduces herself again" and "tell your bones not to let go".  (I can't find my copy of Big Dream Boulevard to confirm that right now, but it seems correct.)


      1. Many thanks Re: Tuning for 'Anna'

        posted: 9 years ago by johngl


        Thank you very much for that.
        ****, wow, how wrong can a man get? It all seems so obvious now. I hadn't even considered 'bones' which is the obvious logical word. Still slightly disappointed it wasn't 'beaux' it would have lent a completely different slant on it!

        My quest for the tab will continue. I'll check out the fan site.


        1. Re: Many thanks Re: Tuning for 'Anna'

          posted: 9 years ago by Allen

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          How wrong can a man get?  Way, way wronger than you .  Check out if you haven't seen it before.  I remember when I first heard Paul Simon's "Duncan" ("She crept to my tent with a flashlight / And my long years of innocence ended,") I couldn't quite make out what happened in the tent, but I was pretty sure it involved Lincoln Duncan's long ears.